VP1 Ultrasonic Cool Fog Humidifier humidifier WITH Wifi Control

VP1 Ultrasonic Cool Fog Humidifier humidifier WITH Wifi Control

  • Wifi Control
  • portable dehumidifier
  • 3kg/hr Humidification
  • With wheel
  • With remote control and Timer

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  • 250 char. max


VP1  series ultrasonic atomization humidifier adopts integrated atomization movement inside. It has no mechanical drive, quiet and noiseless, high atomization efficiency, low failure rate and simple maintenance. The output diameter of fog particles of the whole machine is 1-10 μ, and the maximum relative humidity can reach 99%. The product adopts mobile integrated design, the box body adopts high- quality steel plate, automatic water replenishment, and optional soft water device, so that different water quality can meet the requirements of 
no calcified white powder pollution. It is manual control, and can be equipped with digital humidity automatic control system with ± 5% control accuracy.

■ VP1 series ultrasonic atomization humidifier can not only humidify and reduce dust, but also maintain the humidity required by the environment, and produce a certain concentration of negative oxygen ions. According to the introduction of relevant data, after inhaling a certain concentration of negative oxygen ion air every day, the oxygen absorption function and carbon dioxide emission function of human lungs can be increased, which can enhance and improve the spirit, mood, thinking, memory, etc. of human beings to a certain extent, thus improving the quality of our work and life.

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