Atomiser Disinfectant spray Machine

Fumigation Fogging Machine Disinfection Spray Fog Machine 900W Sanitizer Sprayer



Use any Chemical mixed with water (1:9 ration) Dettol, phenyl, naOCI

1 year Warranty within anywhere India

Voltage:AC 110-240V,50-60Hz


Smoke Output:18000cu.ft / minSpray


Fuel consumption: 150min / L


Usage:Disinfection, purification of air, decomposition of odorApplication:Car,Home,Office etc

For Car, Home, Office, Restaurant, Hospitals Factories, Hypermarket, Hotel



Packing size:35*22*37cm


Working Instructions

This product is powered on and normally works within 5 minutes. Remember to turn off the power supply immediately (be sure to take it out of the car) to avoid unnecessary losses caused by excessive preheating. Note: If it is not used according to the operation regulations and causes damage other than the machine, our factory will not assume any responsibility.

The latest merchant version of the operation guide

Step 1: Place the atomizer smoothly at the foot pad of the co-pilot.

Step 2: Start the car, close the window, turn on the air conditioner to 24 ℃, the wind speed is medium, and the car circulates.

Step 3: Plug in the power supply and adjust the switch button to "11" gear.

Step 4: Wait for the machine to preheat for about 3-5 minutes before the indicator lights up.

Step 5: Put the atomized liquid into the liquid storage tank to ensure that the liquid extraction pipe reaches the bottom.

Step 6: Adjust the timing switch to 4-5 minutes, close the door, and atomization can begin.

Step 7: When the machine ends in 5 minutes, unplug the power immediately. Remove the machine from the car and switch back to the original gear. (Important)

Step 8: Close the door and wait for the smoke in the car to completely dissipate, then open the door and extinguish the car.

Step 9: Wipe the window glass inside the car with a wet towel, and the atomization is over.

Note: After atomizing every day, be sure to clean the machine pipes.

Cleaning process:Turn on   "1" gear Change the disinfectant to clear water for 2 minutes at regular intervals! (Remember not to use special atomized disinfectant that is not matched by our company. If the machine is damaged, no warranty will be given)


This product has a timing function, and the intermediate pause interval is normal. After normal start-up, the temperature of the machine decreases and stops working after 15-40 seconds of working, but the machine is still heating. It will work automatically after 2-5 seconds, and work repeatedly before the timing time arrives.


Timing operation

 Plug in the power supply first, press the black switch to "1" gear, preheat for 2 to 3 minutes, the indicator light on the handle indicates that the heating is completed, the rotatable knob 100 ml liquid medicine needs to be rotated for 5 minutes, and the time will stop when the time is reversed.


As the capacity of each brand of disinfectant varies, please pay attention to determine the required set time according to the capacity of the liquid medicine to prevent dry pumping without water. Please be careful not to add perfume or essential oil casually to add fragrance to the car. Blockage caused by adding oily perfume or essential oil is not covered by the warranty. Please pour clear water and spray it for a few more minutes after each use to remove dirt from the heating pipe and prevent blockage.

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