Car Armrest
  • Car Stylish Armrest with Glass Holder

Car Stylish Armrest with Glass Holder


Armrests provide huge comfort to the arm while driving or sitting in the front row of car - The box inside the arm rest (after lifting the cushion arm) has a huge storage space to store CDs, Money Change, Cigarette, Mobile, etc. Not only this it has extra space for ashtray and glass holder. Features: - Made of good quality material & have elegant designs.


In-built Drink Holder and Portable Ashtray

Spacious Interior (Approx: 3 Litre)

Adjustable width of the Armrest console.

In-built Special case where you can put money change

Drill free installation, requires no specialist

Reduces muscle discomfort and fatigue

Note: Armrest needs to be installed with the help of screws into the plastic handbrake console

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