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Built-in rechargeable high-quality lithium battery. When first charge, 8 hours are required. Then for the later charge, 1 hour is enough. With one-time charge, this shift level knob can work about one month. No switch needed, when you touch it, it will automatically light on. Every time when the light turn on, it will last 30 seconds. Genuine Leather Scrub sense, very comfortable.

Price ₹1,650.00

Generic Hub Anti-Scratch...

  • It is made of soft silicone material, is convenient to grip and use. Gear shift Knob with 5 speed mark
  • Suitable for car interior decoration. Increases Comfy and funny of driving
  • Non-slip design makes it Comfy to grip. The mouth of this car shift knob cover will easily install
Price ₹110.17