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Car Interiors

Adding car interior accessories to your ride protects it from depreciation. No matter you are installing a set of floor mats or have to beat the heat with a sunshade; every item is designed to make your regular transportation simpler and more enjoyable. With VP1’s range of interior accessories, you can conveniently personalize your vehicle with convenience and safety in mind.

 Your car is like a second home, hence it should be as convenient and first as your home. Easy upgrades such as car android system and seat covers prevent depreciation, spills and UV rays from damaging your upholstery and can also assist to maintain your resale value.

Car Interiors

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Car Stylish Armrest with...

Armrests provide huge comfort to the arm while driving or sitting in the front row of car - The box inside the arm rest (after lifting the cushion arm) has a huge storage space to store CDs, Money Change, Cigarette, Mobile, etc. Not only this it has extra space for ashtray and glass holder. Features: - Made of good quality material & have elegant designs.

Price ₹709.00

Car Dashboard Digital Red...

  1. Music, River Glide and Bird Sound to be alarm bell.
  2. Display hour, minute and temperature on same screen
  3. Alarm function, available 6 alarm groups
  4. Key-presses: Exit; Set; Up; Down; Music, Voice (ON/OFF)
  5. Set Time
  6. 12/24 hour system conversion
Price ₹999.00

Sticky Mat Anti Slip...

No adhesive or magnet needed and can be place in your car, truck, SUV, or even at home, where you have soft vinyl surfaces. Leaves no residue, is reusable and can be washed when it gets dirty. Easy to clean, simply wash with soap and warm water, and reuse.

Price ₹179.00

USB Smart Car Tire Tyre...

Working pressure:0~99psi
Battery life:> 24months
Transmit Frequency:433.92MHz
Working Voltage: 2.1~3.6v
Transmit power:<10dBm
Working temperature:-30~+80°C
Storage temperature: -38~+85°C
Pressure accuracy: + 1.5psi
Temperature accuracy: + 2°C
Dimension: 21mm(diameter)*17mm(high)
Weight: 8g

Price ₹4,152.54

Intex Premium Dual USB...

  • Charge two devices at once
  • Universal USB 2.0 Ports
  • Small, compact and easy to use
  • Intergraed circuit assures short circuit protection
  • Intelligent switching for over charge and over heat protection
Price ₹268.00

VP1 Charcoal Air Purifying...

  • NATURAL ODOUR ELIMINATOR: Charcoal is an eco-friendly natural odour absorber. Great as a car deodorizer, closet deodorizer, gym bag deodorizer, bathroom, pet areas, living rooms and drawing rooms. Eliminates odours naturally without filling the environment with chemicals.
  • AIR PURIFIER AND MOISTURE ABSORBER: Charcoal air purifiers are made from environmentally friendly micro-porous activated charcoal. Specially designed for the indoor environment to remove maximum odours, harmful gases and pollutants of different particle size, tobacco smoke and smell of paints and surface cleaners made of various harmful chemicals floating in your air. They clean the air naturally and help to prevent mold and mildew by absorbing excess moisture, preventing from allergies and asth
Price ₹236.44

Involve Your Senses ONE...

  • Strong fragrances that performs even in SUV's
  • No leakage/leak proof
  • Freshen' up your car, home or office
  • Made in India
  • No ammonia
  • 100 percent leak proof
  • Works in all car types including SUVs and Sedans
Price ₹288.14

Universal Car Dashboard...

  • Keep on your Car Dashboard, office table and easy installation, just need to stick with double sided tape
  • Long lasting and durable material
  • Easy to use
Price ₹338.14

Vp1Designer Seat Neck...

  • Bone, bowknot shaped for a stylish appeal
  • Great for head and neck support while driving, reading or watching TV
  • Elastic band at the back for easy installation on car seats
  • Set of two cushions
  • The product color may slightly vary due to photographic effect
Price ₹466.10

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air...

  • Presenting Move Pure Car Air Purifier by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company.
  • High Grade HEPA filter - removes PM2.5, dust and fights external particulate pollutants.
  • Advance double layer active carbon filter - removes VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, toxic gases and odour.
  • Completely ozone free, does not release any ions.
  • Powerful performance with CADR of 12 Cu m/hr, can be used in all kinds of cars – small to SUVs.
  • Low noise and power usage - ≤ 49 dB and 12 V DC respectively, Nominal Power: 6 W - 8 W
Price ₹4,999.15

Autofurnish PU Leather 3D...

  • Durable Premium PU Leather 3D Construction, Delegate Sitching
  • 3D Pocket Storage Design, Beverage and umbrella holder
  • Adjustable Quick lock fastener
  • Multiple compartments includes: One iPad Mini Pocket , Two Cell phone Pockets, Two Bottle Holders, Tissue Holder, One Magazine Pouch, One Umbrella Holder
  • Tissue holder is perfect for keeping pack of tissues and not to put tissue box inside it
Price ₹342.37